2019-2020 Programs

July 9, 2019
Program: ANNUAL MEETING - Installation of Officers - Written Annual Reports
Guest: Caroline Frey
Location: Eastside Restaurant
Program Facilitator: Edie Lindblom-Warthin, Fran Batchelder
Luncheon: Eastside Restaurant
Food Coordinator: Gail Lynch
Flowers: Rita Taylor

August 6, 2019
Program: Greensboro Daylily Farm, John Hunt, Guide
Location: Greensboro, Vermont
Program Facilitator: Linda Libby
Luncheon: Highland Center For The Arts
Food Coordinator: Linda Libby

September 10, 2019
Program: Visit to Glen Villa Gardens
Location: North Hatley, Quebec
Program Facilitator: Sue Best
Luncheon: TBA
Food Coordinator: Gail Lynch

October 8, 2019
Program: Moose Bog Walk
Location: Ferdinand, Vermont
Program Facilitator: Fran Batchelder
Luncheon: TBA
Food Coordinator: Sue Best, Fran Batchelder

November 12, 2019 Please bring items for Newport Food Shelf
Program: Northwoods Stewardship Center - Tracking Life Under the Snow
Location: Newport Town School
Program Facilitator: Judy Kavanagh, Gail Lynch
Luncheon: Wayne’s Family Restaurant
Food Coordinator: Rita Taylor, Jocelyn Laber
Flowers: Marvelene Richards

December 3, 2019 Please bring items for Orleans Food Shelf
Location: Orleans Federated Church
Program Facilitator: Emily Tocci
Food Coordinator: Marvelene Richards, Emily Tocci, Barbara Davies
Flowers: Members’ Creations
Supplies: Everyone bring cutters, wire, decorations, and $5 to cover cost of greens.